The Wistric Saga

Wistric Oftun is a Master of Defense in Meridies, who was the subject of a dispute and sanctions over the last year. I have no personal knowledge of this case, but it makes for interesting reading, so I thought I would gather some relevant links here.

In most of the sections below, there are one or two primary documents listed first, followed by a series of Facebook links that to related discussion.

The dispute centers on an incident that took place at Gulf Wars in the spring of 2022; Wistric began posting publicly about it at the end of February.

A number of others in the martial community addressed the perceived threat to the marshalate.

In the wake of that drama, Iselda de Narbonne contacted the Board asking for information about the incident.

Aeron Harper, Iselda’s husband, then weighed in to challenge the Society leadership’s handling of her request.

A few weeks later, Aeron followed up with a longer article, initially released in five parts.

One section of Aeron’s paper digresses from the case of Wistric to review a sanction issued to Brian De Moray, who spoke up to provide additional details.

[Update, April 28:] During the April Board meeting the subject of Wistric’s sanctions came up, including a reference to “community standards,” which proved some further discussion.

[Update, April 28:] Another person with a legal background wrote an open letter to the Board and posted it on Reddit. In the comments, someone posted screenshots of a private conversation between Trimaran MoDs which had been part of the Society’s investigation file; when called out they deleted the screenshots and their account (but of course there are receipts).

[Update, May 21:] Aeron Harper follows up on the leaked screenshots.

What am I missing? If there are other significant chapters or diverging viewpoints on this situation not reflected here, please drop me a line or comment below — I’d love to get a more-rounded perspective.

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