Kingdom Membership Numbers

The SCA publishes historical membership numbers on its website, but sadly those are posted as individual PDFs by year, which makes it hard to view the long-term trends.

(There are also a few unfortunate gaps, including all of 2021, and a few places where the data seems anomalous, like Northshield in April 2022, but there’s not much I can do about that.)

In order to make such long-term analysis easier, I’ve copied the numbers from 2013 on into a single spreadsheet. I’ve attempted to adjust for variations in formatting; please let me know if you spot any transcription errors!

Here’s a high-level chart by kingdom (click to embiggen):

And here are the total numbers across all kingdoms, but not including members of the overseas affiliated organizations:

[Postscript, February 2024:] See this follow-up post for an overview of Society membership counts prior to 2013.

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