Coping With Increased Society Fees

The Society has just announced an increase in fees, as decided at last weekend’s Board meeting. Annual membership fees are increasing by $10 per year, while the costs of additional family members and non-member event participation are increasing by $5 each.

Here are a few tips for folks unfamiliar with the Society membership system:

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SCA Tax Filing Summaries

The SCA and its various US subsidiaries appear in the new “Nonprofit Explorer” system from Pro Publica, which aggregates and summarizes Form 990 tax filings. (Note that there are separate corporate filings for some states but not all; there there are about a dozen state-level subsidiaries as well as two event-specific groupings.)

The returns for 2022 have not yet been included, so the major hit taken when activities were halted by Covid is highlighted, and the subsequent (partial) recovery is not yet visible.

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Eastern Branches May Set Their Own Exchequerate Terms

The Charter of Østgarðr sets the length of officers’ terms to two years, with no term limits other than what is specified in kingdom law: a maximum of four years for seneschals or exchequers, with no maximum for other offices.

But as we approach this year’s elections, we reviewed the relevant kingdom documentation and stumbled on what seemed like an overriding provision that was recently added to the policies of the East Kingdom Exchequer’s office. Continue reading “Eastern Branches May Set Their Own Exchequerate Terms”

Branches Must Publish Financial Reports

I was looking through the exchequerate policies to answer a question about a recent event, and by accident I stumbled onto this provision.

A copy of the Comparative Balance Sheet and Income/Expense Statement from the annual report(Q4) must be made available to the membership at least annually, whether published in a newsletter or distributed to the membership in some other form.

East Kingdom Financial Policy VIII.B.6
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